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0993 - French minister tells Rajoelina to keep off 2013 poll

0993 - French minister tells Rajoelina to keep off 2013 poll

French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius has advised Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina to skip next year's election for a better future political career.

Mr Fabius told President Rajoelina that age was on his side and keeping off the 2013 race would guarantee him better prospects in 2018.

“You are too young. You could skip your turn in 2013 and run afterwards in 2018,” Mr Fabius told President Rajoelina on Wednesday.

Asked by Radio France International reporter Christophe Boisbouvier about his response to the suggestion, President Rajeolina said: “This requires one deep thought and I don’t have one response to this right now.”

President Rajoelina Monday evening met French officials in Paris.

His Press Service said the head of state’s visit to France was part of the crisis resolution.

Last week, President Rajoelina met with his Tanzanian counterpart Jakaya Kikwete in Dar as Salaam.

Always moving

Earlier, his main rival, deposed President Marc Ravalomanana, declared in Tanzania that he would not contest the island country’s next election.

The 15-nation regional bloc SADC has recommended the two rivals should not stand in the 2013 race as a way of resolving the nation’s political troubles.

About two years ago, President Rajoelina announced he would refrain from running for the top seat if his predecessor accepted to follow suit.

However, his actions over the recent weeks seem to suggest he would renege on his promise.

President Rajoelina told Mr Boisbouvier: “In politics, things are always moving. They are not at all static. They evolve depending on the context.”

“Regarding my candidacy, the Malagasy people will be the first to hear my decision.”

“I think it will not take a long time as the deadline for candidates to present their files is March 8. So, I will make one decision, maybe even before this date,” he added.

africareview.com -Thursday, December 20 2012

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